Mat Cha - Uji Hikari

Hikari, meaning "bright", this premium ceremonial grade Mat Cha was produced by the tea research center in the famous Uji tea region near Kyoto. The taste is rich, creamy and sweet with lightly vegetal notes and almost no astringency. Grown in 80% shade for three weeks before plucking, these early Spring-picked leaves are carefully selected and steamed. Made from flakey Ten Cha, the stems and center veins are removed. Then the leaves are ground to an extremely fine powder between granite grindstones. Used in the Cha-no-you Japanese tea ceremony. For best results, sieve clumps through a small strainer before use. Whip into a frothy bright green liquid and drink immediately. Brewing: .25 tsp, 3 oz water, 160 deg.