About Dan Robertson

Since 1989, Dan Robertson has been traveling throughout Asia. He is the founder of The Tea House, an importer and purveyor of premium teas from around the world. He is also the organizer and leader of the acclaimed World Tea Tour, bringing tea-lovers of all levels, on tea adventures to the major tea producing regions of the globe. He is the Director of the International Tea Cuppers Club, a world-wide community of tea lovers of all levels who share a passion for learning about teas through tasting and sharing knowledge. He lectures around the world on a wide range of tea topics for private and industry groups. Dan is a regular contributor to various tea blogs and is a Contributing editor for TEA Magazine. He is an advisor to the World Tea Academy and teaches a number of focused tea-related courses ranging from the Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony to indepth tasting training on specific teas. He serves as a judge in international tea competitions and is the author of the DVD The Art of Tea - The Chinese Tea Ceremony and groundbreaking large format photo-book The Cultures of Tea