Immersion Programs

The Immersion Programs are a groundbreaking series of intensive, skill-building study tours that focus on specific teas and regions. Each program includes direct instruction from tea experts in the related field, abundant tea plucking and manufacture experience on a working tea plantation, tea tasting training on the related teas, research and scientific topics, plant propagation and maintenance as well as history and culture. Groups are usually limited to six students to maximize hands-on experiences and attention from the experts and mentors. Immersion Programs are open to anyone who is eager for a real working understanding of tea. Please visit the World Tea Tours website ( for complete details or contact Dan Robertson directly at +1 630 961-0877, email: Currently scheduled Immersion Programs are:

India -
Immersion: Darjeeling
Immersion: Assam

China -
Immersion: Pu Er
Immersion: Black I
Immersion: Black II
Immersion: Green I
Immersion: Green II
Immersion: Oolong

Japan -
Immersion: Green I
Immersion: Green II