Training Courses

In-depth and continuing learning on various topics.

From 90 minute, tea tasting training programs to all day intensives, courses range from beginner level to advanced. Some standard programs are:

- Three hour lecture and instruction in the Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony including history, culture, equipment, alternative methods and individual Yixing teapot. Q & A following.

- One and a half hour focused lecture on tea categories, production, introduction to key teas of China and India and comparative tea tasting within categories and grades. Q & A following.

- Three hour focused lecture and comparative tea tasting on key teas of China, India, Japan, Ceylon and Taiwan.

- Six hour program including tea history, categories, processing, focused segments on China, India, Japan, Ceylon and Taiwan, tea culture in various parts of the world and comparative tea tasting within categories and grades as well as the different regions. Includes professional tea tasting set. Q & A following.

Several other programs are available and all may be tailored to suit client requirements. For a complete list of programs, please contact Dan Robertson directly at +1 630 961-0877 or email