Ceylon Tea Tour

The Ceylon Tea Tour is a twelve day tea adventure in the "Resplendant Isle" of Sri Lanka. Ceylon, as it is still know in the tea world, is one of the top exporters of tea in the world. Posessing a amazing range of geographic conditions and altitudes, Ceylon Teas are someof the best in the world. Known primarily for black teas, this tour includes visits to several tea factories and gardens to gain an appreciation of the variety and differences of the island's teas. Sri Lanka is also home to a host of wildlife and we will take in the scenes of nature on a jeep safari. In the morning, enjoy the surf and beach at our hotel in the capital city of Colombo and have meetings with tea executives and tea tastings with tea brokers in the afternoon. Explore ancient historic and cultural sites and enjoy the flavor and colorful traditions of island life. Please visit the World Tea Tours website (www.WorldTeaTours.com) for complete details or contact Dan Robertson directly at +1 630 961-0877, email: info@worldteatours.com