Pu Er Teas

Pu Er Teas are made from the Da Ye or Big Leaf plant varietal in Yunnan province. The leaves, picked at various times of the year, are withered, pan-fried (to arrest oxidation), rolled, and sun-dried. There are two types, Sheng or Raw type and Shu (aka Shou) or Rippened type. Both types undergo a fermentation process. Sheng Pu Er teas are simply stored after drying and ferment naturally over months and years.  Shu Pu Er teas are subjected to accelerated fermentation with controlled humidity and temerature. They are considered finished after baking, which is about 47 days from plucking. Both teas can be consumed immediately after being created however, time, in some case years, will improve the teas, yielding smoother, more complex flavors and mouth feel. It is recommended to wash the leaves briefly before the first infusion.