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Tea is prepared and enjoyed in a wide variety of ways around the world. Some methods derive from cultural traditions, some are for enhancement of the tea drinking experience, others are for convenience. The equipment you use to prepare your tea can be as important as the tea itself. For optimal enjoyment, premium tea leaves should be brewed using the proper quantity for the water volume, at the appropriate temperature and for the ideal amount of time. Personal taste preference is always the final judge and your equipment should allow you to get the most out of your tea.

The teapot originated in China's pottery capital, Yixing around the beginning of the 1600s. Today there are thousands of traditional and contemporary designs. Authentic Yixing clay teapots are lead free and considered one of the best vessels for brewing tea. Top quality teapots are produced in limited quantities and hand-formed rather than by molds.

Fine porcelain from Jingdezhen has been famous for hundreds of years. Gaiwan's (covered bowls) and other ceramics have been fixtures in the Imperial courts of China and abroad and are thrown from highly refined clay. De Hua, in Fujian province is famous for pure, milky white porcelain, especially within China.

Kiyomizu, in eastern Kyoto is a world famous center for ceramics and Japanese teaware dating since the 5th century ad. Glazed Mat Cha tea bowls and other ceramics can be found in a wide range of colors and styles.


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