With nearly three decades of experience in exploring, studying, tasting, researching, documenting, appreciating, producing, acquiring and selling fine teas and teaware from all over the world, Dan Robertson has had the enjoyable opportunity to taste teas that few others get access to. Through this collection, Dan hopes to share his passion for and access to these special experiences. His objective is to elevate tea appreciation and enjoyment as well as help to preserve the art of fine tea-making.

The collections of teas and teaware offered here are intended to inspire discerning tea lovers, whether novice or connoisseur. They are personally selected for their uniqueness, exceptional characteristics, authenticity and rarity. Many other words are used to describe these items but the term used here is simply Premium, defined as "of superior quality or value." These teas are the result of two decades of developing personal relationships with tea farmers, suppliers and experts in producing counties.

The teas and items in this collection are primarily from the main production countries of Asia. Many are produced and available in limited quantities. Most are shipped from our US distribution center though on occasion, they may be shipped directly from the country of origin or even the farmer himself. Uncompromising freshness is essential to a premium experience.

Nearly all tea dealers have a private collection of a few favorites that they would carry if they could. The teas found in the robertson*tea collection are these "back room", "secret stash", "special occasion" teas. Interestingly, as most tea lovers know, premium teas are an exceptional value. Given ten cups of tea from an ounce of leaf, even a tea costing $16 an ounce works out to only $1.60 a cup! All of the teas in this collection can be infused at least twice, some even up to 10 times. If only resteeped once, the cost is only .80 per cup. Thousands of people happily pay $3-$5 for a single cup of "chain-store" coffee, day in and day out.

Like similar level wines, chocolates, tobaccos or other pleasurable treasures, tea is a creation of the union of man and nature, both of which offer their own set of variables. Premium teas are enjoyed not simply by name but by date. Wines are collected and appreciated by the year of their vintage. So too are quality teas. One kind of tea can vary greatly from year to year, owing to environmental factors. Also, different producers of the same tea can put out teas of different characters. In the end, a tea should be evaluated on its own merits, not on grading marks, season or name alone.