A partial collection of articles and publications Dan has written over the years.

Found on TChing tea blog:

Tea Tasting in KC (and Vegas, HK and Xiamen)    26 April 2016

Intl. Tea Sippers Society - Pod Cast Interview         22 Jan 2016

ITCC at WTE in LB... and other acronyms               20 April 2015

The World of Tea Comes To Xiamen                       18 Nov 2014

A Call to Cups: ITCC's 4th Annual Cup Warming     26 May 2014

ITCC Explores Defective Teas                                   1 Apr 2014

Judging the Future                                                      5 Sep 2013

Exploring Fujian Teas                                                 2 Jul 2013

Calling All Cuppers and Lovers of Tea                       4 Jun 2013

A New Way of Thinking                                              25 Apr 2013

Kaiseki Ryori                                                               22 Feb 2013

A visit to Sri Lanka’s oldest tea garden
– Loolecondera
                                                           15 Jan 2013

Hong Kong International Tea Fair and Competition   10 Dec 2012

A fitting tea ending to our Nine Caves and Sky visit   16 Aug 2012

ITCC Cup Warming at the World Tea Expo                19 Jul 2012

“Cup Warming” – A tea-tasting social                         03 May 2012

Elephants, Crocodiles, and Deer, Oh, My!                 04 Apr 2012

Focus on Assam                                                         03 Mar 2012

Tea at Sunrise                                                            03 Feb 2012

Indian Tea Forum – Leaders and legends                 30 Dec 2011

Tea time in Tibet                                                         24 Nov 2011

Journey to the East                                                    11 Aug 2011

Sipping social                                                             14 Jul 2011

Photo Post: Stone Forest, Yunnan Province, China   02 Jun 2011

International Tea Cuppers Club (ITCC)
– Cuppers around the world, unite!
                             05 May 2011

What do you get for your money?                               01 Apr 2011

China Tea Tour® 2011                                                01 Mar 2011

When visiting Inner Mongolia …                                  01 Feb 2011

Japanese black tea (Wakocha)                                   03 Jan 2011

Tea garden in the sky – a photo post                          01 Dec 2010

The tea world meets at the 2010 Indian Tea Forum   01 Nov 2010

Mt. Kanchenjunga                                                       13 Mar 2009

Anshun Fake Tea Leaves                                          27 Mar 2008

27 Steps of Wuyi Tea Art                                           21 May 2007

China Tea Tour 2007                                                  25 Jan 2007

Beyond the Silk Road – Welcome to Mongolia           19 Sep 2006

Beyond The Silk Road                                                 06 Sep 2006


Articles in TEA a Magazine:
  Sep/Oct 2012: Serenity - A Tea Tour of Japan
Jul/Aug 2012: China's Ancient Tea Ports
  May/Jun 2012: Take a Tour
  Mar/Apr 2012: The Lost Garden of Pedong
  Winter 2012: Tea Time in Tibet
  Summer 2011: Featured in article Men Of Tea
  Autumn 2010: An Audience with the King in Yunnan
  Summer 2010: Spring Tea Tour of Japan
  Spring 2009: Assam - The Jewel of the Jungle
  Autumn 2008: Dragons in My Teacup
  Summer 2008: Cover Photo and article A Visit to the Ballet
  Autumn 2006: Meng Ding Mountian - Tracing Tea's Origins
Autumn 2002: Hangzhou to Mongolia - Reflections on Tea Travels
Winter/Spring 2002: Photo Credit for Wuyi Rock Tea
                                   Featured In and Photos Credit for Tea in the Mid-West 

Articles in Cupping Notes:
(the newsletter for the International Tea Cuppers Club):

Articles in the ITCC Community Board blogs: www.teacuppers.com

Articles in World Tea News:
  Nov 2, 2011: Featured in article Dan Robertson: Tea Epiphany

Articles in Tea & Coffee Trade Journal:
  Nov 2008: A New Performer on the Stage

Articles in Tea Time magazine:
  Mar/Apr 2010: Featured in article A Conversation with Dan Robertson

Articles in Tea Digest:
  Spring 2007: Yellow Meadow

  Sereni-Tea Seven Sips to Bliss - by Dharlene Marie Fahl: Forword and featured
  Cultures of Tea - by Dan Robertson (pending Winter 2013)

DVDs: The Art of Chinese Tea - The Tea Ceremony (2003)