Huo Shan Huang Ya

The rare, authentic Huo Shan Yellow Bud, made according to the traditional method and a tribute tea since the Tang Dynasty, requires masterful skills to produce. Not to be confused with the green tea version which dominates the market. The delicate, silver-yellow buds and first leaf sets undergo two separate but sequential initial pan-fryings. They are then sprinkled thinly on a convex-top basket which rests over warm charcoal. Oxidation is controlled with subsequent fryings and bakings with intervals of piling (causes the yellowing). The result is a pale, brownish-yellow liquor with twinkles of green. The captivatingly rich yet subtle flavor offers a nutty note with hints of peach down. The floral aftertaste lingers on the tongue and the smooth, mellow, slightly vegetal aroma evokes thoughts of a meadow after harvest. Brewing: 5 grams (1.5 tbsp), 6 oz. water, 170 deg. 2 min, 3 infusions.