Jing Shan - Tribute

Picked and produced at the Jingshan Ping Cha tea factory on April 1st, these aromatic, wiry, deep green leaves are from the tender, down-covered shoots of 15 year old Jiu Keng cultivar bushes. Fresh and vegetal yet very smooth, the taste has elements of sweet pea and asparagus. Only 500 kgs was made. It comes from Dongbei peak of Tian Mu Mtns. near Hangzhou city, China. Mentioned in Lu Yu’s Tang Dynasty Tea Classic, Jingshan tea was offered to the emperors as Tribute. It reached its height in the Song Dynasty when a Japanese monk came to Jingshan temple to study Buddhism. Returning to Japan, he also took Jingshan tea seeds and culture. Brewing: 5 grams (1.5 tsp), 170 deg., 6 oz of water, 2 min., 3 infusions.