Master Maejima's Gyokuro

Only 250 grams available! "When My Soul Thirsts, I Drink Gyokuro" is written on a giant vase outside Master Tohei Maejima's home in Okabe, Shizuoka Prefecture. Only 150 kilos of this masterfully made "Jewel of Dew" was crafted by Maejima-san, one of the foremost Gyokuro tea makers in Japan. Nearly all of it was sold before it was even made. Hand picked on May 3rd. the bushes were shaded in nearly 98% darkness for 20 days before plucking. A tea for true Gyokuro lovers, it's sweet, lively aroma, thick mouth-feel and rich, succulent flavor culminate in an invigorating experience for the senses and the spirit. The pronounced but perfectly balanced "umami" flavor epitomizes the much sought-after character that is Gyokuro. Brewing: 6 grams (1 tbsp.), 170 deg., 4 oz of water, 1 min., 3 infusions.